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Great Success for SIAL InterFood Jakarta 2018

The largest food innovation exhibition in Indonesia in 2018.

The 18th International Exhibition of Food & Beverage products, Ingredients, Technology and Services has concluded successfully at JIExpo – Kemayoran, Indonesia, welcoming nearly 64.000 visitors and more than 1.300 exhibitors from 27 countries participated in this event.

SIAL InterFood took place from November 21 to 24, featuring more than 21 sectors, among which Dairy products – Eggs, Meat and Tripe, Fish, Seafood, Ingredients, Fruits and Vegetables, Dried Fruits, Confectionery, Bakery and Pastry, Cured Meats, Delicatessen, Home Meal Replacement, Preserved and Canned Food, Pet Foods, Frozen Products, Organic, Health and Diet Products, Baby Food, Grocery Products, Wine & Spirits, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Biscuit, Catering Equipment, Coffee & Tea, Ice Cream & Gelato, Poultry, Sweetener, Chocolate. This exhibition provided a wide variety of business opportunities for exhibitors who came from around the world to promote their products through this show, offered the perfect platform for visitors and exhibitors to meet, do business, and solve their needs.

The Show at a glance
Opening ceremony

To officially mark the opening of the event, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the morning of November 21st, opened by Chief Executive Officer of KRISTA Exhibitions Daud D. Salim, Chief Marketing Officer of Krista Exhibitions Christina Sudjie, Director of the Food, Marine Products and Fisheries Industry of the Indonesia Ministry of Industry Enny Ratnaningtyas, Acting Deputy of Marketing Development I from Indonesia Ministry of Tourism Dra. Ni Wayan Giri A., MSc, Deputy for Production and Marketing from Indonesia Ministry of Coperation and Small Medium Enterprise Victoria Br Simanungkalit, Chairman of Indonesia Food and Beverage Association Adhi S. Lukman, Chairman of Fishery Product Processing and Marketing Association Budhi Wibowo, Chairman of Association Chef Professional Stefu Santoso, Chairman of Indonesia Vegetables and Fruits Exporters Hasan Johnny Widjaja, General Manager of Indonesian Pole & Line and Handline Fisheries Association Abdul Muis, Chairman of Indonesia Tuna Association Prof. Martani Husaini, Executive Secretary of Indonesia Tea Association Dr. Atik Dharmadi, Chairman of Indonesia Pastry Alliance Chef Rahmat Kusnedi, Business Dev Director of Indonesian Packaging Federation Ariana Susanti, Chief of GP Jamu Dwi Ranny Pertiwi, Chairman of Indonesia Sommelier Association Kerta Widyawati, Chief of Indonesian Eel Business Association Machiko Nacih, Chairman of Association of Indonesia Specialty Tea Galung Atri, Vice Chairman of Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia Daroe Handojo, and Delegation from several Countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Greece, Iran, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey.

The success of SIAL InterFood Indonesia Expo 2018 is supported by Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Industry of The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, Indonesia National Agency of Food and Drug Control (BADAN POM), Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Indonesia Food and Beverages Association (GAPMMI), Indonesia Bakery Association (ABI), Indonesia Coffee Exporters Association (GAEKI ICEA), Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Industries (AEKI AICE), Indonesia Pastry Alliances (IPA), Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI), Indonesia Chef Association (ICA), Indonesian Wheat Flour Producers Association (APTINDO), Indonesia Fishery Product Processing and Marketing Association (AP5i), Association of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurants (PHRI), Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association (ASPERAPI IECA), Indonesia Food & Beverage Executive Association (IFBEC), Indonesia Sommelier Association, Indonesia Tea Association (ATI), Indonesia Packaging Federation (IPF), Association of Culinary Professional (ACP), Indonesia Cold and Chain Association (ARPI), Indonesian Retail Merchants Association (APRINDO), Indonesia Café and Restaurant Association (APKRINDO), Indonesia Shopping Tenant Association (HIPPINDO), Indonesia Vegetables and Fruit Exporters Association (AESBI), Jakarta Hotels Association (JHA), Indonesian Catering Expert Association (IKABOGA), National Meat Processor Association(NAMPA) and other media partners.

Inspiring Programmes at SIAL InterFood 2018

Cake design
La Cuisine Competition comes as one of the international cooking competitions, established by Kristamedia, ACP (Association Chef Professionals Indonesia) and WACS (World Association of Chef’s Associate. La Cuisine competition presents professional judges in culinary field such as Chef Michael Strautmanis, Chef Jamnong Nirungsan, Chef Tan Hee Meng, Chef Shanli Ong Beng Yew, Chef Chern Chee Hoong, Chef Audee Cheah, Chef Cindy Loh, Chef Gan Si Ni, Ms. Siska Soewitomo, Chef Marco Braun, Chef Petrus Nugraga, Chef Vindex Tengker, Chef Dieter Speer, Chef Dedes Dwi Ratna Sari, Chef Woro Prabandari, Chef Gilles Marx, Chef Rajendra Thalib, Chef Benty Diwansyah, Chef Ucu Sawitri, Chef Sandra Djohan, Chef Wetz Shinoda, Chef Henry Alexie Bloem, Chef Setyanto and Chef Johanes Pratiwanggana. More than 517
junior and professional chefs compete to be the 1st winner and get the title of the best Chef in Indonesia. 

Kristamedia proudly preaches the Great Success of Indonesia’s First Tea Brewing Competition in SIAL INTERFOOD 2018. Professional Tea makers compete to improve their skills and knowledge of tea brewing. Introducing the professional Judges are Odilia Winneke, Santhi H, Serad, Ronald Prasanto, Ratna Sumantri, Wiliam Wongso, Galung Atri, Musthopa Syarifudin, Robby Badruddin, Ronald Goenawan, Iriana Ekasari, DR Ing Alexander Halim, Widjaja Suryakentjana and Bambang Laresolo.

Cake design

SIAL InterFood also presented Baking, Cake decorating and Cooking Demo stages with Mrs. Acen (Ny.Liem), Chef Desi (Masterchef), Chef Rudy Choirudin, Chef Hideki Chomei, Chef Billy, Chef Diana Cahya and exhibitors. SIAL InterFood further hosted Indonesia Pastry Alliance Championship, 4th IFBEC Service Competition (Flair Competition, Bar Speed Challenge, Service Rally), SIROC – SIAL INTERFOOD Roasting Competition by AEKI (Asosiasi Eksportir Kopi Indonesia), and Cake Decorator Display.


Various seminars and workshops with interesting themes were also hold during the exhibition such “How to Start a Coffee Shop Business” & 3 Days Barista Regular Course by PT. Esperto with Frans Angkawijaya; seminar &talkshow “How to Identify, Choose, Buy, Brew and Taste Premium Quality Tea” by Asosiasi Teh Indonesia with Widjaja Surya Kencana, Gunawan, Dr. Atik Dharmadi, Ir. Salwa Lubnan D.,Ms, and Muhamad Ashfiya. Brewers, Cupping, Roasting and Latte Art Workshop by SCAI with Robby Firilan, Kristian Batafor, Harison Chandra and Michael Utama. Seminar Future Cold Chain Solution for Seafood Product with Mr. Katsuhiko Umetsu, Mr. Marc Dizon, Mr. Hasanuddin Yasni and Mr. Firdaus RM by ARPI. Member Gathering GAPMMI with Adhi S, Lukman. 

SAVE THE DATE FOR 2019. SIAL InterFOOD, November 13-16, 2019 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia.

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