SIAL China SOUTH in Shenzhen to 31 October - 2 November 2022

After listening to our partners and taking their views into consideration, we have decided to postpone the show. SIAL Shenzhen will therefore be rescheduled from 28-30 October 2021 to 31 October - 2 November 2022 at the same venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall). We will make every effort to create a high-quality platform of international trade and exchange for the food & beverage industry.

Taking place in Shenzhen, Greater Bay region, South China, 31 October - 2 November 2022, the event expects to gather 800 exhibitors and 25,000 professional visitors. The new event will bring new opportunities for the food industry in the well-established Southern Chinese market.

It is a big step forward for the SIAL China brand especially at this tough pandemic time. After 20+ years of successful operation in Shanghai, the SIAL China trade show has been recognized as the best premium food and beverage show in China, with sound strengths in rich local resources, accountable F&B specialist network and its in-depth understanding of the Chinese market. Motivated by industry recognition, the SIAL China team is confident in delivering another good food and beverage trade show in the second half of the year and in the second largest regional market: South China.

The SIAL team is confident to run safely a show in China with a strict application of health measures. The team will stick to government policy evolvement, collecting best practices of event operation in pandemic context, and working closely with the venues on best Safe & Health measures onsite.

“At the height of global pandemic recovery, we look forward to leveraging our resources and expertise in the food and beverage market to better serve the needs of the China market in particular, the growing and evolving South China demographics.” said Elaine Chia, the CEO of Comexposium Asia Pacific, the SIAL China show organizer.

SIAL China SOUTH will take advantage of its location in China’s Greater Bay Area to showcase premium food and beverage products and highlight insights on market trends. The event will match buyers’ needs - including importers and exporters, dealers, wholesale and retailers, supermarkets and comprehensive stores, new retail enterprises, catering enterprises - with the right exhibitors to help their businesses.

During the event, alongside the exhibition floor, SIAL China SOUTH will also see high-quality activities such as forums, cooking demonstrations and award ceremonies, to name but a few. The team intends to provide a professional trade platform for the food and beverage industry to come together, share information and coordinate actions. All efforts will be made to ensure that SIAL China SOUTH becomes the preferred partner of industry stakeholders in South China and region in the coming years.

Aiming to be accessible 24/7, SIAL China SOUTH will not only be a physical trade show, but will also provide a range of new online content, services and solutions to support trade and commerce, between. The online marketplace, and its integrated matchmaking solution, will enable exhibitors and visitors to make appointments and subsequently “meet” all year around. Furthermore, the Match Me programme will serve as a fruitful place for those who are seeking one-to-one services that best fit their needs. Members will be able to find solutions and expand their presence in international markets with high growth potential.

In addition, the SIAL Network plans to support the food industry throughout the year with diverse activities, services and solutions aimed at maximizing access to the Asian food and beverage industry, especially targeting the Chinese market; one of the first economies to recover from the pandemic.

SIAL China SOUTH in Shenzhen is the first in a series of regional food and beverage events that will be launched over the next 3 years. The objective of these events will be to help global food and beverage companies enter, and further penetrate, the different geographical and seasonal food markets in China. This gives a good extension for the SIAL China flagship show in Shanghai, stretching its value as premium food and beverage trade platform for the Chinese market. Furthermore, SIAL China (South) is a strong complement to SIAL China in Shanghai, bringing the SIAL brand much closer to buyers in other regions besides East China.

According to Mintel, 56% of Chinese urban consumers want to have a happy family life, 46% to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and 39% want to travel after the pandemic ends. Chinese consumers care more about personal health and family health. As a result, food nutrition and quality would be a major consideration for Chinese consumers. Social distancing means people stay longer at home, which is pushing up the demand for snack foods and food ingredients for cooking. The snack food market will reach RMB 3,000 billion Yuan in turnover in 2020. Entering the post-pandemic time, the lower demand in the HoReCa sector would be turned around in China, for example takeaway food seeing 12.5% growth this year. All these imply a great market potential for the premium food and beverage industry in China.

In the past few months, the SIAL China team has already agilely captured the market development brought by changing consumer behaviors during the pandemic, adding newly-rising product categories like instant food and prefabricated meals, inviting more buyers from institutional food service units, and setting up an online marketplace to promote more virtual interactions among industry professionals. SIAL China SOUTH follow the usual practice of servicing the market by customer insights.


About the Food Industry Hub in China’s Greater Bay Area

The Greater Bay Area, including the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macau, offer significant business opportunities for food and beverage companies. With about 70 million inhabitants and market access to 1.4 bn customers in China, the area is positioned for growth. It is expected that the GDP will nearly double over the next 5 years. To help spur this, the Chinese government plans to invest ¥100 bn in Shenzhen to build an International Food Valley, aiming to become the most influential food tech-innovation centre. This is creating an escalating ripple effect for the whole arena, promoting the Shenzhen food industry as an eye-catching global investment hot spot.


About Comexposium’s SIAL Network

Organised by the Comexposium Group, the SIAL Network is the world’s largest group of food and beverage tradeshows, the regular events (SIAL Paris, SIAL Canada in Montreal and Toronto, SIAL China in Shanghai, SIAL China SOUTH in Shenzhen, SIAL India in New Delhi, SIAL Interfood in Jakarta, SIAL Middle East in Abu Dhabi, Gourmet Selection in Paris, and Djazagro in Alger bring together 16,700 exhibitors and 700,000 professionals from 200 countries. SIAL China SOUTH is a member of the SIAL Network.


About the SIAL Network reach in China

Bolstered by SIAL China – Asia’s largest food innovation trade show - SIAL China SOUTH will provide a platform for the food and beverage industry to expand on the international stage. As one of the most professional food and beverage industry organisers in South China, the SIAL team is backed by its parent, Comexposium, the 3rd largest event’s organiser, including its resources, experience and global reach. Food and agriculture is one of Comexposium’s largest sectors, underpinned by the SIAL network, and with other notable international brands such as Vinexpo and Salon International de l'Agriculture, and in Asia with the robust regional Zhongmao series of events. 

Even postponed to September by the pandemic, the 21st SIAL China show, the flagship food and beverage show in China, has attracted 2,200+ exhibitors and 90,763 professionals from more than 23 countries and regions, who enjoyed the meetings, trading, and networking opportunities. On 18-20 May 2021, SIAL China will return to Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong when 4,500 exhibitors and 123,000 professionals will be present at this mega food and beverage trade show.

As one of the SIAL China team’s regional tour shows, SIAL China SOUTH will draw on the advantages and expertise available in Shenzhen (economy, cross-border trade, catering, technology, etc.) to boost the industry’s trade relations worldwide. More market initiatives will follow in central China and other regional markets.

About Comexposium

The Comexposium group is a world leader in organising professional and consumer events. It holds 135 B2B and B2B2C events worldwide, covering various sectors of activity, including agri-food, agriculture, construction, fashion, health, distribution, leisure, real estate, security, education, tourism, and works councils. With a presence in more than 30 countries each year, Comexposium welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors and 48,000 exhibitors.

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