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SIAL China: join a dynamic sector and market

It hardly comes as a surprise. Asia is the continent that is attracting the most attention. Home to two-thirds of the world's population, with a rapidly expanding middle-class, and making a mad dash to diversify, Asia will dominate agro-food markets in the next 20 to 30 years. Welcome to the beating heart of the world market.

Join a dynamic sector and market

Wine hall - SIAL China

Agro-food exports to Asia are speeding up to meet growing needs, both in terms of quantity (insufficient local production) and quality (appetite for new foods and flavours, rapid internationalisation of lifestyles). China, South East Asia, India: the expectations are as great as the opportunities, for both visitors and exhibitors alike!

  • 1.37 billion citizens + 0.52% annual growth rate of population, 53% are urban
  • China has a middle class of 350 million people
  • China is the world's biggest exporter ($2.343 billion in 2014) and largest importer ($1.960 billion in 2014)
  • Chinese food sector is one of the fastest growing ones: +20% per year
  • World's largest on-line retail market
  • 38% of household budget is for food purchase
  • China's import policies vary depending on the commodity, it has been increasingly importing oil seeds, oils, cotton, grains, meat and dairy, and processed foods

Benefit from an import business hub

  • Key producers and buyers join forces to reveal the major food trends and face Asian challenges
    Retail and hospitality forum - conferences - SIAL China
  • A unique Asian food inspiration platform to test or launch products, increase your brand awareness, exchange best practices...  
  • 41 speakers with 36 conferences and 8 tastings, 25 chefs and 6 judges with 7 culinary demos, 230 submissions of innovative products and 94 selections

Top 3 exhibitors objectives

  • Develop business in China
  • Launch new products or new ranges of your products
  • Develop your sales network

Look deeper into Asian diversity

  • 2,734 exhibitors*
  • 61 represented countries*
  • 60% from Asia*

Top 5 exhibiting countries*

  1. China
    USA as guest of honor - SIAL China
  2. Korea
  3. United States
  4. Poland
  5. Turkey

Broaden your horizons

Prepare to meet the Asian food community

  • 61,296 visitors*
  • 9% international visitors from 105 countries*

Top 5 countries and regions*

  1. China
  2. Korea
  3. Hong Kong (Region of China)
  4. Taiwan (Region of China)
  5. Thailand

They come to find inspiration: Carrefour, Walmart, CR Vanguard, RT-Mart, TESCO, Casino, Auchan, Lotus, Lianhua, BHG, Parknshop, OLE, NGS, 7-11, FamilyMart, C-store, Quik, Jingkelong

"We are very happy to be here in SIAL Shanghai with so many wonderful opportunities to meet with so many of our customers. It's very cost effective for us to come here to see so many buyers from the largest  market in the world. With California Walnuts, it's a very successful event for us and a great program. We are glad to be part of it."

Michael Poindexter, CEO of Poindexter Nut company, USA

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For over 50 years, SIAL has been inspiring food adventures. Today, SIAL is a global brand present in 50 countries all around the world with events in 8 countries. All over the globe our network represents a forum for exchange, meetings and discussions and is truly unique. In terms of visitorship and impact, SIAL is the premier food innovation event. 

Introducing new trends, helping to launch products in new territories, solving diversity, quality and safety issues...these are our motives in an ever-growing market.