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SIAL Interfood 2018: Join one of the most dynamic food market in the world!

SIAL INTERFOOD for the 18th time will be back in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 2017, SIAL INTERFOOD has successfully gathered more than 900 participants from 33 countries and 53,000 visitors from 70 countries. Now precisely on 21-24 November 2018, located at JIEXPO Kemayoran, SIAL INTERFOOD 2018 comes with more participants and more events.
SIAL Interfood visitors - food professionals

There are more than 1,000 exhibitors from various parts of the world representing various product categories, dairy products and eggs; meat and poultry; fish and seafood products; fruits and vegetables; dairy food products; bakery products, chocolate, coffee and tea, gelato and ice cream; nonalcoholic drinks; healthy food products; canned food products; organic food products; frozen food products; food and catering equipment; cooking equipment and cooking utensils with the latest technology ready to welcome 75,000 visitors targeted to meet SIAL INTERFOOD 2018.

Collaborating with various organizations and associations, experts, chefs, practitioners in the national and international culinary and gastronomic fields, SIAL INTERFOOD 2018 will present a variety of interesting programs, namely:

  • SIAL INTERFOOD trademark events:
    • SIAL Innovations, the program gives the highest award to SIAL INTERFOOD participants for the best innovations in food products and supporting industries, such as packaging and containers. The SIAL Innovations Winner products will be displayed in all of SIAL INTERFOOD’s exhibition networks, from France, Canada, India, China to the Middle East.
    • La Cuisine Competition, is a collaboration of World’s Chef and Associations of Culinary Professionals (ACP). It is a meeting place for professionals in the food service sector. International chefs will demonstrate their expertise, as well as cooking competitions for professional chefs from various countries. 312 participants competed in 2017 and it increased to 600 participants this year, spread from Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Palembang, Bali, Batam to Malaysia - Penang and Perak. The La Cuisine Competition always brings a combination of local and international judges. At SIAL INTERFOOD 2018 this Grand Jury is chaired by Chef Michael Strautmanis from Australia, who leads a board of jury consisting of 10 chefs with WACS certified judge license, 21 local jury chefs and 11 rookie judges chefs from Malaysia.
  • Competitions and contests:
    • Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) Championship - Various competitions in the pastry field which include cake making to decorating
    • The 1st Indonesia Tea - Brewing Competition, is a collaboration with the Association of Indonesia Specialty Tea (AISTea) with prize money
    • The 4th Indonesian Food and Beverage Executive (IFBEC) Service Competition - Service rally, juggling and bar speed competitions with over IDR 100 million in prize money
    • The 2nd SIAL INTERFOOD Roasting Competition (SIROC) is working with the Indonesian Coffee Training Center Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Industries (PPKI AEKI) with prizes of roaster machines and cash.
  • Various supporting exhibitions
    • “Seafood Show Asia” was organized by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Association of Indonesian Fisheries Product Marketing & Management (AP5I), Indonesian Cooling Chain Association & Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers (VASEP)
    • “International Tea Expo”
    • “Cake Decorator Display” by the Comexposium
  • Baking, Cake Decorating & Cooking, Tea Demo
    • Presenting a variety of leading chefs every day: Chef Rudy, Chef Degan, Chef Billy, Chef Diana Cahya, Ms. Achen, Chef Garry, Chef Beng, Master Tan See Fong, Master Andy Tan and many more.
      Fruit - SIAL Interfood Jakarta
  • Various Seminars
    • “Seafood Trade & Indonesia Cold Chain Challenges” by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Association of Indonesian Fisheries Product Management & Marketing (AP5I) and Indonesian Cooling Chain Association
    • “Disruptive Innovation in Tea Business” by the Association of Indonesia Specialty Tea(AISTea)
    • “How to Identify, Choose, Buy, Brew and Taste Premium Quality Teas” and “Tea for Millenials” by the Indonesian Tea Association
    • “Do Good:Save Food in Reducing Food Waste Improve” by the Indonesian Packaging Federation (IPF)
    • Franchise Seminar “Developing a Franchise Based Curriculum Business” by Jahja B. Soenarjo (Direxion Founder & CCO)
  • Various Workshops
    • “3 Days Barista Regular Course” by Franky Angkawijaya - Founder & Director of Esperto Barista Course
    • “Wine Masterclass” by the Hatten Education Center
  • Various Special Events
    • Member Gathering of the Indonesian Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Association (GAPMMI) and Indonesian Fisheries Product Management & Marketing Association (AP5I)
    • The 2nd Hosted Buyer Program - Exclusive program for SIAL INTERFOOD 2018 participants to meet directly with international buyers (business matching)

SIAL INTERFOOD 2018 is a perfect B2B platform because it provides a variety of business opportunities for all exhibitors to promote products, do business and find solutions for joint business needs. It is also the right choice for trade and visitors in the food and beverage business who want to seek and find new innovations in the food and beverage industry.

SIAL INTERFOOD 2018 is strongly supported by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries. 

The exhibition will be open from Wednesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Various information about events and programs can be seen at:

World Tour stand
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SIAL, the best world partner to support food business development and export!

For over 50 years, SIAL has been inspiring food adventures. Today, SIAL is a global brand present in 50 countries all around the world with events in 8 countries. All over the globe our network represents a forum for exchange, meetings and discussions and is truly unique. In terms of visitorship and impact, SIAL is the premier food innovation event. 

Introducing new trends, helping to launch products in new territories, solving diversity, quality and safety issues...these are our motives in an ever-growing market.