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SIAL China

The future of food is also in China

SIAL China, the 4th largest food fair in the world, will take place from 5th to 7th May 2016, at the SNIEC in the country's business capital, Shanghai.

For this event, over 2,900 exhibitors and 66,000 visitors are expected and the exhibition will cover 1,350,000 square feet. Once again, SIAL China will create an event in Asia, pushing back the boundaries of the trade fair and, most importantly, inspiring the foods of tomorrow. In the very heart of China's business capital, many events will once again bring together future partners and guarantee maximum media coverage: SIAL Innovation, La Cuisine, World Tour, Retail & Hospitality Forum, Chocolate World, Seafood Fest’, Wine Lab. Not forgetting the keenly awaited Tea Event. 

A word from the experts

  • Nathan Wakeford, Somage Fine Foods
  • David Parnham, Cafe Culture

In Shanghai: tea every which way

Why celebrate tea?

Nathan Wakeford: Because amongst the younger generation there is a renewed interest in tea, in particular traditional Chinese tea. Riding the wave of this fashion and anticipating future trends, in 2015 SIAL China organised a successful first edition of the World Tea Cup Competition!

What role will tea play at the 2016 exhibition?

David Parnham: A Tea zone will be organised to federate all our tea industry partners in the same place (producers, sellers, retailers, experts, etc.). SIAL China 2016 will also focus on the international stage with a close look at alternative methods of preparing tea and new tea-drinking trends all over the world.

Speaking of trends, can you tell us about any that are currently in the spotlight?

David Parnham: The tea industry is currently enjoying particularly dynamic innovations. This is especially illustrated by the development of new tea machines (which help better control the different variables during the infusion process) and also increasing numbers of people drinking tea-based drinks around the world, like Kombucha, sparkling iced tea, matcha latte, chai latte and also juices made with exotic and tropical herbs.

World Tour stand
World n°1 Food Innovation network

SIAL, the best world partner to support food business development and export!

For over 50 years, SIAL has been inspiring food adventures. Today, SIAL is a global brand present in 50 countries all around the world with events in 8 countries. All over the globe our network represents a forum for exchange, meetings and discussions and is truly unique. In terms of visitorship and impact, SIAL is the premier food innovation event. 

Introducing new trends, helping to launch products in new territories, solving diversity, quality and safety issues...these are our motives in an ever-growing market.