The new exhibition calendar 2020/2021

Shed light on Food Planet

9 leading BtoB events 
17,000 exhibitors from 119 countires 
Over 700,000 professionnals 
Attending from 200 countries


Gourmet Selection 13-14 Sept. 2020 Paris
Fine Food Trade Show Reference
4,000 professionals
350 exhibitors

Djazagro 21-24 Sept. 2020 Algiers 
The leading agri-food trade Show in Algeria
22,000 profesionnals
700 exhibitors from 50 countries

SIAL China 
28-30 Sept 2020 / 18-20 May 2021 Shanghai 
Asia’s Largest Food Innovation Exhibition
194,000 professionals
4,300 exhibitors from 71 countries

SIAL Canada 29 Sept.-01 Oct. 2020 Montreal 
The Gate to Northern American Market
28,000 professionals
1,068 exhibitors from 51 countries

SIAL Paris 18-22 Oct. 2020 Paris
The World’s Largest Food Innovation Exhibition 
310,000 professionals 
7,200 exhibitors from 119 countries

SIAL Interfood
11-14 Nov. 2020 / 10 -13 Nov. 2021 Jakarta
The Platform For the Indonesian and Asean Market
130,000 professionals
838 exhibitors from 27 countries

New! F&B Networking Hub 23 Nov. 2020
SIAL Middle East 7-9 Sept. 2021 Abu Dhabi  
The best way to do Business in Middle East
19,500 professionals
1,143 exhibitors & brands from 50 countries

SIAL India 3-5 Dec. 2020 / Dec. 2021 New Delhi 
Step into Blooming India
8,500 professionals 
250 exhibitors from 13 countries

SIAL Canada 27-29 April 2021 Toronto 
The Gate to Northern American Market 
25,000 professionals 
1,130 exhibitors from 45 countries

World Tour stand
World n°1 Food Innovation network

SIAL, the best world partner to support food business development and export!

For over 50 years, SIAL has been inspiring food adventures. Today, SIAL is a global brand present in 50 countries all around the world with events in 7 countries. All over the globe our network represents a forum for exchange, meetings and discussions and is truly unique. In terms of visitorship and impact, SIAL is the premier food innovation event. 

Introducing new trends, helping to launch products in new territories, solving diversity, quality and safety issues...these are our motives in an ever-growing market.