SIAL China - Do's and Don'ts
SIAL China

Tips for success at SIAL China

On the menu, a recipe designed to make you stand out... and to help you get the most out of the show!

Before the show

Invite both existing customers and­ prospects

  • Why is this important? Because if you don’t, your competitors will…So, don’t hide away in a corner!
  • While our job is to get visitors to come to­ the Show, your job is to get them to ­come to your stand. How? By actively communicating with them, just as we are doing with this guide!


During the show

Stand out as much as possible

  • Use active communication materials which­ are both brief and direct.
  • Employ skilled staff who are at ease when­ explaining your products.
  • Create an accurate schedule so that there is always someone at your stand.
  • Always have a demo or something else to ­attract visitors.
  • Have a strong presence on social networks! Always add new contacts on ­LinkedIn, Weibo and Wechat.

After the show

Now you can reap the benefits

  • During the week following the Show, send a message of thanks to all your visitors.
  • Stay active on social networks and continue to add new contacts on LinkedIn, Weibo and Wechat.
  • Share your impressions with the SIAL team by answering the satisfaction survey. Our objective? To further improve the next SIAL China Show.

How to behave in China in general and in SIAL China in particular


Be open-minded…

Be open to cultural differences and various tastes!

Prepare yourself…

Know your target–retailer, hotel, convenience store…–and learn about China’s geography and main cities, provinces, areas/regions, to gain a better grasp of local specificities.


Consider offering a gift from your homeland to your Chinese clients.


If possible, hire a Chinese speaker for smooth communication, in order to animate your stand and further your business development.

Be curious…

Visit local supermarkets and restaurants in order to find some inspiration.

Do business…

Develop close relations with buyers (How? Why not offer a product or invite them for dinner!) and acquire a clear understanding of Chinese customs as well as of local inspection and regulation rules.

Be on time…

Always arrive on time to business meetings! It’s important!

Be courteous…

If you have dinner with a partner, toast before you start eating! Following up personally after the show will be very much appreciated (doing it by phone requires to speak Chinese).


Rely on a single partner…

Do not appoint one distributor for­ the whole China.

Being too familiar…

Talking with your buyer, forget the personal ground!

Being too confident…

Do not take at face value an oral “yes” (or an outright refusal).

Being disrespectful…

Do not open a gift from your partner in front of him, unless you­ were told to. Do not leave it behind you, whether you like it or­ not!

Do's and don'ts 

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