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To inspire the food and beverage sector and help food professionals to better understand the market and its trends, each SIAL exhibition organizes various conferences and round tables about international topics such as food safety, as well as prdouct diversity, health, sustainable development...

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SIAL World Summit

In 2015, SIAL Middle East launched a 3 day global summit focusing on food & beverage innovation with 50+ speakers from around the world. 4 dedicated streams including World Food Innovation Summit, Hotel & Restaurant Summit, Mass & Airline Catering and Food Retail & Import/Export.

Debates on SIAL Paris

In Paris, SIAL TV is an exchange platform for food professionals

Conferences SIAL TV

A real platform for sharing and finding information on the major issues faced by the sector, SIAL TV programs is created to address the challenges of tomorrow: How will we feed the planet? How will innovation affect our eating habits? What are the likely health impacts? Our institutional and industrial experts will respond to all these questions

A few examples of 2014 topics

What does "Home-made" really mean??

Is it still possible to cook at home, and to make claims of “home-made” food when most food products are industrially processed? Can “home-made” food be prepared from industrial products? Is it better, healthier and safer? What are the specific challenges for “home-made” food in restaurants?

Fruits and vegetables: country-specific cultural and customer trends

Variety, taste and quality, conservation methods, distribution channels: to adapt the offer of fruit and vegetable to each country’s consumption culture is a necessity. How should we go about importing and exporting habits, cultures and recipes in order to widen what offers available are available nationally?

Opportunities for the connected kitchen and connected health 

Our kitchens and our health are now connected. Technology is advancing at a frenetic pace: connected fridges and intelligent kitchen utensils, connected health products.  Countless innovations are changing our daily habits. Connected objects are more and more present in our daily lives. What are the best ways to jump onto the connected kitchen bandwagon?

SIAL TV Replay Watch the SIAL Paris 2014 conferences on YouTube

SIAL China - Retail & Hospitality Forum - a broad and forward-thinking perspective

Partnered with Ivie - a global marketing consultancy delivering expertise from concept to reality, the 4th edition delivered its pitch perfect topics featuring industry leaders such as CGF, Daymon, Hailiang Group, BIO Farm, XTC, Australian Organic, Parishine, Maruha Nichiro, and many more. This year topics topics were covered ranging from food innovation and trends to food safety, from private label to food quality, from organic food to imported food, and many more. Meanwhile, we recorded the full panel discussion as well as the conference which will be shared on its online channel Please stay tuned for the online presentation updates.

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