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Retail trends

The strongest trends are determined by proximity, shopping experience and the battle between price and special offers.

  • Proximity: stores between 0 and 500m2 show the greatest growth in terms of number of shops, units sold and turnover.
  • Shopping experience: this is an asset and an added value in the competition for online sales, including the makeover of the classic discount store and the revamping of different areas in large supermarket chains.
  • The battle between price and special offers: the need to attract an increasingly less loyal public forces retail chains to invest in mass media advertisement, announcing discounts, great deals and special offers.
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Consumer trends

Consumers tend to choose healthy but flavoursome products.

Another trend highlights more functional products that are practical and easy to prepare.

As far as where and how consumers shop, people find out about special deals and offers before buying a product. They are less loyal to specific retail chains but look for better service, less time waiting at the till and a more enjoyable and overall better shopping experience.

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