Food retail, into a digital world

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Just a few words about...Food retail

Food retail is at a crossraods. The need for a more sustainable business forces all actors to rethink their approach. At the same time, consumers buy more and more food online, a trend that deeply affects food retail pioneers. Some experts even consider that we are witnessing a 'retail apocalypse'. How does this revolution take place? Who are the new players? What are the key factors to continue growing? What are the new opportunities? Local or global, chains or independents, online or physical retail... The future of food retail is being built today!

Food retail... What are we talking about?

Retail food is all food, other than restaurant food, purchased by consumers and consumed off-premise. Retail food comes in all shapes and sizes!

Global food retail market

5 top trends:

  • The rise of the plant based diet.
  • Authentic and healthy food are everywhere
  • Tech and food retail have become inseparable
  • Private labels are now like brands
  • The biggest growth rates in grocery? In developing countries.

Who are the players?

Aeon, Aldi, Amazon, Carrefour, Costco, Kroger, Lidl, Metro, Target, Tesco, Walmart. 

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