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Be inspired by SIAL ASEAN Manila. Save the date: 31 May - 2 June 2016

Our audience

  • 5,000 visitors from 24 countries
    Japan pavilion - SIAL ASEAN Manila
  • 93% visitor satisfaction rate
  • 90% visitor recommendation os SIAL ASEAN Manila

Our visitors: retailers, foodservice and food industry professionals 

Top 5 visitors

  1. Philippines
  2. Japan
  3. Korea
  4. China
  5. Hong Kong

Visitors profile by business

  • Retail & Trade: 87%
  • Catering and foodservice: 6%
  • Food Manufacturer/Processor: 4%
  • Services: 3%

Visitor's top 5 product interests

  1. Meat/Poultry/Game
  2. Bakery
  3. Dairy products, eggs
  4. Seafood
  5. Confectionary

Source: SIAL ASEAN Manila Visitor Survey 

Biscuit pavilion - SIAL ASEAN Manila

"We established stron relationships that will helps us with our goal of expanding our market to Asia, Australia and Europe."

Ricky Santo, CEO of Pro Source International, Inc. - HealthSource International, Inc. (Philippines)

"As a growing exporter to Asia, it is our interest to develop satellite markets outside Mainland china, and Philippines is a growing and optimistic market for quality foods."

John Hickin - Pork Sales of Elpozo Alimentacion S.A (Spain)

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Our exhibitors

  • 350 exhibitors from 2015 countries expected in 2016
  • 83% exhibitor satisfaction rate
  • 83% exhibitor recommendation rate
  • 83% intend to return

Top 5 exhibiting countries

  1. Philippines
    SIAL ASEAN - Food exhibition Manila
  2. Netherlands
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. USA

Top 3 exhibitors' objectives

  • Promote company awareness and brand image
  • Develop sales network (meet localagents/brokers/distributors)
  • Develop business

SIAL ASEAN 2015 in Manila was a great success for Globemilk Blobemilk B.V. - Netherlands

Our experience in Manila was truly exceptional and amazing. B asilur Tea Export (Pvt.) Ltd. - Sri Lanka

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Get inspired by SIAL ASEAN Manila

  • SIAL Innovation - A showcase of the world's most innovative food products. 16 product entries from 6 countries in 2015.
  • La Cuisine - An area for in-the-kitchen demonstratiobns and training taking place throughout the event welcoming local and international chefs.
  • World Tour - Exclusive content prepared by 28 top food journalists to showcase the various food cultures around the world, its latest food trends, and retail system.
  • Wine tasting - An area where visitors have the opportunity to conduct tasting sessions presented by professional wine sellers from various ASEAN regions.
  • Seminars - Free to attend talks by industry professionals on the latest food trends and technology

More information Visit SIAL ASEAN website

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