Food trend analysis : GLUTEN FREE

The gluten-free revolution

Gluten-free, a new trend?

Is ‘gluten-free’ a real new trend? Not so much. It’s been several decades now that gluten-free products exist. People suffering of coeliac disease–who can’t eat gluten–were used to find appropriate food in specialized shops. Yet, nowadays, 20 to 30% of consumers consider themselves sensitive to gluten, in Europe and in the USA. A new offer is emerging to meet these new needs.


Larger public, larger offer

In many mature markets, the offer is more and more diversified and easy to access, even in traditional supermarkets. Frozen food, biscuits, pastas, pastries, cereals, bread, desserts… these product families are the most innovative ones for the gluten-free industry. As a result, the global offer of gluten-free products has multiplied by 6 in just 10 years


Gluten-free mango drink with cashew nuts
Gluten-free mango drink with cashew nuts

Larger public, larger expectations 

Health concerns, innovative packages… there are several ways to explain the gluten-free phenomenon. But let’s not forget the willingness to adapt oneself to the diet of another member of one’s family. Producers and distributors follow this trend, developing all sorts of products: cold meats, sandwiches, cakes, precooked quinoas, gnocchi… all gluten-free!


Source : XTC

Author : Charles Lustig