Food Trend analysis: SENIORS

Seniors, a category definitely not like any other

Who they are

More than 15 million seniors in France, over 50 millions in the United States, and approximately 230 millions in China… in many countries, this category of the population comes into the first place, in terms of head counts and income. Yet, one can’t consider seniors as a whole, but as several generations, having different tastes and expectations. An additional challenge for food experts and manufacturers!

What they want

The major concern of seniors? Food! 53% of all food expenses are made by seniors and 76.3% of them consider food as the field number one for getting services, before health and tech products. But what are their true expectations as consumers? First, having more information on where their food comes from and on the data composition of the products they buy. Second, reading information on packages should become easier. Third, products should be more convenient as well as more adapted to their needs.

What manufacturers can offer

More convenient products, more healthy and tasty food… What are the leverages of innovation to seduce seniors? Smaller and adapted packages, sale at the unit, pre-cooked food, more distinctive taste, food with health benefits… There are now more and more offers available for seniors!