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SIAL in China - 18-20 May 2022 Shanghai / 27-29 October 2022 region of Shenzhen


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SIAL China is an integral part of the SIAL Network, and co-hosted with China Commerce Development Center (CCDC).
It strategically located in Shanghai since 2000. Today, SIAL China sets the benchmark for overseas companies stepping into Asia and China as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations of the regional food industry. It has become Asia’s largest food and beverage innovation exhibition

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SIAL region of Shanghai 2022 was officially announced

Conférence de presse Sial in China 2022
Conférence de presse Sial in China 2022
23th September, SIAL region of Shanghai 2022 press conference was held in Beijing WOLFORD ASTORIA.
The start-up of SIAL Shanghai 2022 was officially announced. All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, CHINA GENERAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, China Cuisine Association, FRENCH EMBASSY IN CHINA, FOREIGN ECONOMIC COOPERATION CENTER, MARA. P.R. CHINA, China Chamber of International Commerce, CHINA VEGETABLE MARKETING ASSOCIATION, China Cuisine Association, COFCO, GOME relevant leaders attended the conference. A total of 54 media outlets reported the press conference. 


SIAL in China 2019, was successfully held in Shanghai from May 14-16, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The leading food marketplace in Asia, SIAL China occupied the full 199,500 square meter exhibition centre (a 23% increase) to facilitate 4,300 exhibitors (a 26% increase) from 70 countries and regions, and 117,595 professional visitors (a 7% increase).

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  • 146 994 professional visitors: 48% Retail, Import-Export, 32% Food service, 14% Food manufactoring, 6% Services.
  • Visitors from 70 countries 31 province of China.
  • 84% of decisions makers
  • Top 3 Visitor's objectives: Find partners, subcontractors, find new products and find out about new trends and market developments

Top 10 visiting countries 

  • China
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • France
  • Russia
  • Australia 
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Spain

The scale of SIAL in China reflects the growing importance of Asia’s food and beverage market, valued not only for its consumer’s increased spending power but also for the producers and manufacturers of high quality and innovative products. During the first edition of SIAL China in 2000, we occupied a modest 8,000 square meters and hosted 323 exhibitors. Today, through the support of our partners, exhibitors, and visitors, SIAL in China holds an important place on the industry calendar.
Jim Liu, CEO of SIAL in China


  • Chinese F&B market is worth over 1 779 bn USD and has remained stable at +0,3% during the COVID period. The market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5,5% between 2021 and 2020.
  • Imported foods represents 6% of the total Chinese F&B market and have been very dynamic: +93% over the past 4 years. Imports have remained dynamic during COVID-19 outbreak, growing at +15% in 2020.
  • China is the largest meat importer in the world, representing 19% of the world’s meat imports. Over the past year, Chinese meat imports increased by +61%.


  • Nearly 4 500 exhibitors from 70 countries and 38 International pavillon 
  • 50% of international exhibitors.
  • 98%  satisfaction rate
  • 93% will participate again at SIAL in China

Top 10 exhibiting countries by number

  • USA
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Canada

"We have received very positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors on the expanded dedicated zones, professional events and scale of SIAL in China 2019. Expanding the expo 23% to 199,500 square meters allowed SIAL in China to accommodate more exhibitors, which in term attracted more professional visitor than ever before”. 

Jim Liu, CEO of SIAL in China.



  1. Confectionery, biscuits and pastry
  2. Health food and diet products, baby food
  3. Grocery products
  4. Services
  5. Frozen products
  6. Delicatessen, Home Meal
  7. Replacement



  • 8000 Business meeting expected or achieved
  • 2000 Buyer with a 1 970 000 € purchasing power


SIAL China 2020 La cuisine show
SIAL China 2020 La cuisine show

SIAL Innovation competion

A unique competition that encourage and promote innovation in the Food and Packaging industry. 123 products selected from 383+ products presented.

All SIAL Innovation events

La Cuisine

In partnership with CCA, endorsed by WACS. 8 WACS certified judges, 24 celebrity chefs formed 8 international teams within 2 days of original culinary demos.

All La Cuisine events

Sial Feast

4 master chef teams from well-known catering bands delivered sophisticated Chinese Southern cuisine cooking show, 80 SIAL VIP guests onsite participated, and 14,000 viewed.

21 Health Food

3days Health & Nutrition Cooking show presented by 2 world-class French master chefs, with professional comments by 3 authoritative nutritionists, 21 innovative healthy dishes selected and co-published by SIAL China and a leading cookbook media.

Latte Art Smackdown

3days Health & Nutrition Cooking show presented by 2 world-class French master chefs, with professional comments by 3 authoritative nutritionists, 21 innovative healthy dishes selected and co-published by SIAL China and a leading cookbook media.

Delter Coffee Press

11 qualifiers picked different cities in China to compete on-site, final winners were voted by 3 professional judges, 3 veteran baristas.

Global new retail summit

16 renown speakers delivered keynote speeches about global economic analysis and food retail trends, including national wide economist, world-renowned economist, noble price winner, and representative from leading food brand, which attracted over 400 media, 300 onsite audiences, and 48,000 online views.

International meat forum

The forum invited high-level representatives from China, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, and industry experts, Venture Capitals, government officials, executives from leading food company, introduced global meat market landscape, China market potential, protein alternatives, animal welfare, and etc. The forum attracts over 250 onsite professionalsand 40,000 online views.

Global dairy forum

The forum invited representatives from China, Uruguay, and Indonesia, industry experts, leading dairy corporations shared visions and thoughts on the future market. Over 350 professionals onsite and 40,000 online views.

Food supply chain forum

The forum invited 12 entrepreneurs, food supply chain experts, investors, cold chain leaders shared thoughts on current barriers, market regulations and new business models. The forum attracted 200 onsite professionals
and 45,000 online views.

Import food summit

The forum invited representatives, high-level executives from China, EU delivered speeches on RECP policies, EU standards on food quality, safety, and sustainability, import food trends in China, new International brand publish, The forum attracted 300 onsite professionals and 41,000 online views.

F&B investissement forum

The forum invited top venture capitals, industry associations, food corporations, discussed F&B next growth points, future investment opportunities, The forum attracted 300 onsite professionals and 26,000 online views.

Nutri & Health food forum

The forum invited health and nutrition food brands, related government organizations, consulting firms, discussed the future potential of nutrition and health food. The forum attracted 420 onsite audience and 41,000 online views.

China catering forum

The forum invited well know catering brand, innovators, industry associations, consulting firm, shared cutting-edge thoughts on the innovations and the future of the catering industry. The forum attracted 270 audiences and 23,000 online views.

IP authorization forum

The forum invited industry association representatives, famous food brands, global
popular IP owners, marketing companies, shared the market potential and trends of the IP authorization in food brands. The forum attracted 200 onsite audience and 27,000 online views.

E-Commerce merchants forum

The forum invited representative from Tmall and, shared first hand operating practices with 200 onsite professionals, and 28,000 online views.


  • 20 anniversary Celebration
  • Occupied 5 halls  at National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, covering 135,000㎡
  • 3,500 exhibitors
  • 100,000 professional visitors


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"SIAL in China is a professional exhibition of food industry in Asia and even the whole world. Among international food and beverage industry, SIAL Innovation is one of the most important events in the innovation field. Every year the appraising and award giving reflects innovated food products and technology performed by food companies from all over the world, and represents the most cutting edge trend and direction. From the point of view of Yili Group, SIAL in China is not only a platform to showcase the advanced level of food industry in China, but also a window to learn the latest development of international industries." 

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Company Limited 
Gold award winner of SIAL Innovation 2019 (China)

" Our Company is from Europe, Lithuania. We are producing premium ice cream. One Year ago we were visiting (SIAL in China) and we decided next year, which means this year to participate with our stand. We want to enter the China market. In this exhibition we found very good contacts, we made very good partnerships, so definitely yes next year we are going to be here."

Dione Ice Cream (Lithuania)

"It's my third visiting to SIAL in China. It feels like SIAL in China is improving itself each year with increasingly abundant food categories exhibited. It's really nice to see this. I work in the food package industry. The innovated food package performed by some famous enterprises and industry trend are reflected in SIAL in China. I will come visiting SIAL in China next year for sure."

General Manager of Packaging Manufacturer (China) 

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18-20 May 2021 
Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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