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Are you willing to display a new innovative product or to find a unique source of inspiration? Participate to the world number 1 food innovation competition. In partnership with XTC World Innovation, SIAL Innovation provides you with an exceptional showcase of global food trends and innovations… at each SIAL exhibition!

The winners are showcased on all SIAL Shows for one year.

What is SIAL Innovation ?

SIAL innovation is a competition showcasing exhibitors' most innovative products.Since its inception, it has established itself as the must-attend competition for companies wishing to showcase their expertise in culinary innovation.

The first edition was held in Paris in 1996. Over the years, SIAL has become much more than just a competition: it has become a veritable catalyst for innovation and a barometer of trends in the food industry.

Now, the competition has spread worldwide to more than 5 countries :

  • Canada (Montreal, Toronto)
  • China (Shanghai, Shenzhen)
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • France (Paris)
  • India (New Delhi, Mumbai)

The SIAL Innovation competition, proof of SIAL's commitment :

The SIAL Innovation competition is concrete proof of our commitment to innovation in the food industry. By showcasing the most innovative products, it demonstrates our leadership as a benchmark for food innovation. Through our SIAL trade shows around the world, we offer all network professionals the essential events where innovation is celebrated and encouraged, shaping the future of the global food industry.

The products presented are evaluated by a jury of experts according to strict criteria such as originality, quality, practicality and market impact.

Who is eligible?

When you are an exhibitor (an individual or a member of a group registered as an exhibitor) at a SIAL network show, you can enter the competition for the show at which you are exhibiting. You can enter one or more products in the competition.

Exhibiting at several shows? Multiply your chances.

What are the entry criteria?

You must present a consumer product to the agri-food industry that has been developed within the last 2 years, and must be innovative in nature.

All participants must declare and guarantee that they own the intellectual property rights to the product presented, or have been duly authorized by the owner of the intellectual property rights to the product presented for the competition.

Participants must guarantee that their products comply with the legislation of the country of origin or the country in which they are located.

What product categories can we offer? 

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) :
This category covers products intended for everyday consumption by the general public. It includes a variety of food and non-food products generally found in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Intermediate food products (IFP) :
Food intermediates are ingredients, preparations or semi-finished products used in the manufacture of other food products. These are items such as sauces, culinary bases, prepared ingredients, spice blends, and other products that are often used by professional chefs to create finished dishes.

Food service products :
Foodservice products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the catering sector, such as restaurants, company canteens (elior, sodexo), cafés, hotels and so on. This includes a range of products, from ingredients to ready-to-eat dishes, adapted to the preparation requirements of professional environments.

Products Equipment and Technologies (ET) :
This category focuses on equipment, technologies and innovations related to the food industry. It encompasses a diverse range of tools, appliances, machines, software and technological solutions that improve the production, distribution, preparation and consumption of food products. Innovations in this category can affect all aspects of the food chain, from production to consumption.

The SIAL Innovation jury

The independent jury is made up of food industry experts from around the world. They examine the innovative qualities of the products and judge the relevance of the new benefit the product offers to the consumer or industry. Winners are selected based on these criteria: packaging, manufacturing process, merchandising and recipe, technology, etc…

How does the jury work ?

  • It examines the products' specific innovative qualities
  • It prioritizes the relevance of any new benefits the product brings to the consumer/industry (merchandising, packaging, recipes, technology, etc.).
  • It awards first prizes to the products it considers to be the most innovative among those selected.

The jury selects the products by filling in the technical data sheet in the general information section.

Once the product has been selected, the jury will test the product sample sent by the exhibitor and give its verdict.

  • Opening of registrations
  • Pre-selection meetings
  • Grand Jury vote
  • Announcement of category winners
  • Opening of the show: meet at the SIAL Innovation Area
  • Awards announcement
  • Announcement of finalists in press release + website + social networks 

How to enter the contest ?

Products submitted are evaluated by a panel of experts according to strict criteria such as originality, quality, practicality and market impact.

Enter the competition by logging on to your exhibitor area using your login details.

Top 5 benefits of being a part of SIAL innovation 
  • Maximum 360° visibility and recognized certification
  • Extensive press coverage
  • A worldwide reputation

Winner of the SIAL Innovation competition, what's next?

The World Champions Tour !

is an initiative launched by SIAL to bring together the winners of SIAL Innovation competitions organized in different countries. These winners are invited to take part in forthcoming SIAL trade shows around the world. The World Champions Tour aims to highlight and celebrate the most remarkable innovations in the food industry around the world, by showcasing the winners of SIAL Innovation competitions organized in different countries.


How does it work? :

  • Selection of winners: The winners of the national SIAL Innovation competitions are selected in each participating country on the basis of their originality, quality and potential impact on the market
  • Invitation to the World Champions Tour: Selected winners are invited to participate in the World Champions Tour, where they will have the opportunity to present their innovative products to an international audience of food industry professionals
  • Participation in SIAL events: Winners are showcased at SIAL trade fairs in various countries, where they have the opportunity to meet potential business partners, exchange ideas with other industry players and benefit from increased visibility for their products

Benefits of participating :

  • Increased global visibility: By taking part in the World Champions Tour, you'll gain increased visibility on a global scale. Your presence at SIAL events in different countries will give you exposure to an international audience of food industry professionals
  • Business opportunities: Thanks to the meetings and exchanges facilitated during the World Champions Tour, you'll have the opportunity to forge business partnerships with distributors, buyers and other key players in the food industry in different countries. This is a real gas pedal for new collaborations and the expansion of their sales network
  • Credibility of your commitment to Innovation : Being selected as a winner of a SIAL Innovation competition and taking part in the World Champions Tour is an important validation of the innovation and quality of an exhibitor's products. It strengthens your credibility in the marketplace and gives you a significant competitive edge
  • Global recognition : Participation in the World Champions Tour offers you prestigious international recognition as an innovation leader in the food industry. This strengthens your brand image and market positioning
  • International expansion : By taking part in SIAL events in different countries, you'll have the opportunity to explore new markets and develop your international presence. This will open up new prospects for growth and expansion for their business.

The World Champions Tour takes place throughout the year, with events organized as part of SIAL trade shows held in different countries. 

  • SIAL Canada, Montreal : 15-17 May 2024
  • SIAL in China, Shanghai : 28-30 May 2024
  • Food and Drinks by SIAL Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur :  02-04 July 2024
  • SIAL in China, Shenzhen : 02-04 September 2024
  • SIAL Paris : 19-23 October 2024
  • SIAL INTERFOOD Indonesia, Jakarta :  13-16 November 2024
  • SIAL In India, New Delhi : 05-07 December 2024