Food trend analysis: CONSUMER DEMANDS

What are your consumers' expectations in France and around the world? 

Today, we are witnessing a real breakthrough, driven by the new requirements of consumers in terms of taste, authenticity and meaning. This actually reveals the power that consumers have over their food.

This slideshow pinpoints consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and expectations from 10 zones/ countries regarding their food and the different actors of the Food industry. It also highlights the areas of innovation which motivate consumers the most.

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Southeast Asia
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Middle East
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United Kingdom
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This large, exclusive study is carried out every two years for SIAL by KANTAR TNS.

  • 10 zones/countries covered: France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, USA, China, South East Asia (Malaysia-Indonesia) and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain).
  • For each country: sample of 500 individuals aged 18 and over (except China, the Middle East and South-East Asia: 18-55 years), representative in terms of gender, age, region and socio-economic categories using the quota method.
  • Universe taken into account: Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Poland and the United States: representative national samples; China, Russia, Middle East and Southeast Asia: urban areas.

Interviews conducted online in March-April 2018.