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SIAL Shanghai, Asia's largest food innovation exhibition

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SIAL China is the 4th biggest food show in the world, with 16 years’ experience in the market. The exhibition is dedicated to the food & beverage retail, hospitality and wine industries. SIAL China sets the benchmark for overseas companies stepping into Asia and China as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations of the regional food industry, in particular in the meat and dairy sectors. Join one of the biggest markets: Asia represents 2/3 of the worldwide population and is gaining 20 million new middle class people per year in China alone.

Asia's biggest food event

Key figures 2017

  • +3,200 exhibitors from 67 countries and 30 regions
  • 60 international pavilions
  • More than 100,000 visitors from 95 countries
  • Dedicated wine sector with +200 wine companies, visited by more than 11,000 beverage buyers
  • 95% of exhibitors are satisfied*
  • 99% of visitors are satisfied*

* SIAL survey 2016

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Wine hall - SIAL China

Inspiring events

  • La Cuisine
  • SIAL Innovation
  • World Tour
  • Retail & Hospitality Forum: Debates, conference, interviews around major topics shaping food culture.
    Retail and hospitality forum - conferences - SIAL China
  • Seafood Fest: In partnership with CAPPMA, a cooking event buitls around seafoods and other ingredients.
  • Chocolate World: Meet Asian and domestic market demands for high-quality chocolate and see the world’s best chocolate on display.
  • China National Specialty Tea Cup: In partnership with AASTA and Café Culture, the opportunity to identify leaders in the specialty tea community.
  • Wine Innovation Forum: A forum set in a friendly atmosphere showcasing top speakers from the international wine world together with top local wine experts. 2015 Keynote Speaker: Ms. Debra Meiburg Master of Wine.

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Market figures

  • The Chinese food sector is currently one of the fastest growing sectors (+20% per year)
  • Food consumption +12% expected in 2016
  • Alcoholic drinks consumption: +11% and +13% for soft drinks in 2016
  • China is the biggest global market for spirits consumption
  • Mass grocery retail sales +9.2% in 2016
  • The world's largest online retail market
  • China food export and import volumes both increased respectively by 5% and 13% in 2014
    • Export: canned food, condiments, dried vegetables and fruit, tea, confectionery, fruit juice, convenient foods, shellfish
    • Import: oils, animal and vegatable fats, seafood, dairy products, cereals, wine, sugar, beer, poultry, meat

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Next event

Shanghai 14-16 May 2019
New International Expo Centre

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