SIAL America 22-24 March 2022 Las Vegas

America's only comprehensive food industry event & conference

Sial America debuts in Las Vegas in March 2022, uniting the entire food community and showcasing all food and beverage categories to key importers, food service companies, distributors, retailers and wholesalers. With over 50 year's experience in delivering fodd events that provide critical business connections, inspiring content and an unrivalled export platform, SIAL America will unite those that are shaping the food and beverage industry both in America and globally to connect, learn and grow.

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Discover the first episode of the official SIAL America podcast "What we want to eat" and his hosted by Macala Wright a passionate foodie. Available on all streaming platforms.

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The official blog is now online. Don't miss the first article on the digital and food industry : "Accelerated Digital Transformation and omnichanel for food retails".

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No matter what market category your business serves, SIAL America provides unparalleled opportunities to network with top contacts and expand your reach

The show brings a unique offering to the United States with a comprehensive display of all the key food and beverage categories from around the world underpinned by celebrated SIAL focus on excellence and inspiration.

The 10 SIAL sectors

Organic & Wellness


Grocery products & Breads

Specialty Foods

Fruits & Vegetables


Dairy products

Frozen foods

Snacks foods

Delicatessen & Meats

Their enthusiam about SIAL America


This is great news”, – comments Donato Cinelli, CEO of Universal Marketing. “As exclusive agents for Italy of the SIAL Network, we are proud to be able to offer this new opportunity to all Italian companies who want to approach and strengthen their ties with this important market. The Italian Pavilion”, – he adds, “will certainly be the protagonist in this new event which, thanks to the great experience of the organizers, aims to become a point of reference among the food & beverage trade shows in the United States.”
Donato Cinelli, CEO, Universal Marketing


Great Exhibitions is always on the front line of the latest developments in the field of trade shows and exhibitions worldwide and keeps an up–to-date rhythm in order to catch up new opportunities for its exporting companies. In the last few years the American market has become a great source of trade chances for the Greek companies especially after the big success of Greek yogurt, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil and the Greek olives which are the leading products to have opened the horizons for other Greek products too. Therefore, Great Exhibitions shall embrace the opportunity to organize the Greek pavilion with participants of major exporting companies of Greece and bring them even closer to this significant market. SIAL America really reaches our expectations and goals for a dynamic presence of our company and our clients in the American market and stands out for its thorough experience and knowledge in the match making process for both companies and interested buyers. We surely rely on this high powered presentation and the supporting services SIAL America can offer in this major, endless and full of opportunities American market.
Alkiviadis Kalabokis, Managing Director, Great Exhibitions


We, Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, would like to express our sincere congratulations on launching SIAL America, part of SIAL Network series of valuable shows. US Market represents a great opportunity and source of development for Korean food and agro-fishery products, and SIAL offers a strong
and steady platform for all exporters looking for a return on investment in foreign markets. We would be glad to continue to strengthen the partnership and cooperation on this new adventure.  waiting to be there, we will see you in the other shows of the Network.”
Seong Kuk Kyung, Deputy director, Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation


It times like we all are in, it’s great to see the SIAL Network growing and reaches new heights. As a member of the SIAL Network, I would like to welcome SIAL America, and I am sure it will be a great asset for us. With the trade and ties between India and USA having and incredible positive history which has only grown for years. We are sure we can look at having the presence of the Indian companies with its full strength.
Rajan Sharma, Inter Ads Exhibitions


Our Zhejiang Pavilion has participated in the SIAL series of exhibitions for over 15 years. Especially at the Paris Food Fair, the Zhejiang Pavilion’s innovative construction style and high-quality product quality left a deep impression on everyone. We are happy to hear that SIAL will launch their new show in Las Vegas. For us, the United States is a vibrant market. We firmly believe that the SIAL America will be a good business platform to help companies recover and find business opportunities. Therefore, we will follow the pace of SIAL and offer a strong support to SIAL shows in USA.”
Zhejiang Pavilion


The US market has several opportunities for Brazilian companies and, consequently, for the activities of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The agency has offices in Miami, FL and San Francisco, CA. The United States is the world’s largest economy, with a population of over 325 million highincome
people. The U.S. was the second-largest importer of Brazilian goods and services in 2020, with special relevance for food products. Apex-Brasil offices in the United States work to leverage the business of Brazilian companies, to increase market share for Brazilian goods and services. In this regard, the presence of SIAL in the North American market may contribute to the success of new Apex-Brasil initiatives.”
Mauro Cesar Lourena Cid, COO USA at The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil)

Contact info to exhibit

Grégoire Bodioux - SIAL Network Sales Director Asia Pacific & Oceania - [email protected]

Fernando Medina Zenoff - SIAL Network Sales Director Europe, Middle East & Americas - [email protected]

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