Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult our FAQ for answers to the most frequent questions.

  1. 1 Visitor badges
  2. 2 Ordering a badge online
  3. 3 Invitations

1. Visitor badges

How much do the badges cost? Fermer

Different prices apply depending on whether you order your badges in advance (online) or pay for them on the door. The badge prices can be found in our Visitors section

Are there special prices for children, teachers, retired people, unemployed people, works' committees or previous exhibitors? Fermer

We remind you that SIAL is an exhibition reserved exclusively for professionals. Children are therefore not allowed in.
Teachers, the retired, the unemployed and previous exhibitors have access at the individual rate. For works' committees, please write to us at this address: [email protected]

2. Ordering a badge online

I've received confirmation of my order and my badge is available in my personal space, but I cannot open the file. What should I do? Fermer

Your badge is delivered in PDF format. If you are unable to open it, we recommend you download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

From when will it be possible to order my visitor badge online? Fermer

You will be able to order your badge online from our site from sometime in May 2016, so watch this space!

Will the badge I order online give me direct access to the exhibition? Fermer

Yes. The badge, ordered online in A4 format, will give you direct access to the exhibition. Print it out and present it at the entrance to the exhibition. This will allow you to bypass the queues on the door.

Is my badge modifiable? Fermer

We remind you that your badge is personal and non-transferable. Once ordered, it can no longer be modified. Any order made is definitive and non-reimbursable.

3. Invitations

How do I get an invitation code or special offer code for ordering my badge? Fermer

Please note that the SIAL Paris team does not deliver invitation cards or invitation/special offer codes for ordering badges online. These are distributed exclusively by the exhibitors and partners of SIAL Paris, or in the course of special operations.

I have a special offer code or an invitation card: is it valid at the entrance to the exhibition? Fermer

No, special offer and invitation codes are only valid on the web according to the conditions stipulated when the code is issued.

I've received an invitation card on paper, how can I use it? Fermer

Attention! Your paper invitation card is not valid at the exhibition. To obtain your free access badge to SIAL Paris, you must register online using the invitation code stated on your paper invitation card.
To register:

  • Note the invitation code stated on your invitation card.
  • Click on the "Order your visitor badge" button present on the site homepage from May 2016.
  • Follow the instructions for ordering your badge.

Make sure that you go right to the end of the order process, through to the display of the order confirmation page. A confirmation email will then be sent to you with a link to access your badge and to print it out.