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Reconnaissance of the global food landscape

by the SIAL Paris team

Eating behaviours are evolving and are creating new needs. In a survey conducted by SIAL News and TNS Sofres, discover the 2015 consumption trends across the globe. Take a closer look at 9 countries with Pascale Grelot-Girard, Director of TNS Sofres.

Is there still a single model for eating habits in 2015?

“Despite globalisation’s effects, local habits remain steadfast. An example is the number of meals, which varies from country to country. In France, people eat 3.6 times a day, whereas in Brazil it’s 4.8. And as for the practice of snacking, it can vary by a factor of two from one country to another. People snack 0.9 times a day in France and 2.2 times in Brazil.“

What are consumers’ reactions to food?

“Here also, behaviours vary depending on the zone studied. So, we find that the notion of pleasure, sharing, and conviviality are essential in France and China, whereas in the United States, Brazil and Russia, people adopt a more functional approach to food. In fact, whatever the behaviour, our survey shows that there is still a place for small and medium-sized companies, local producers and national companies… which constitutes a country’s wealth and terroir.”

Are there any cross-border trends?

“We de finitely see similar behaviours, present to different degrees depending on the country, such as the consumption of healthy foods for a wellbalanced diet. This trend should be considered alongside another development, trust in products. Today, these are crucial factors.”

How can consumers be reassured?

“Taking the example of France, it’s striking to note that the level of trust has fallen by 8 percentage points over a period of 2 years, the logical consequence of food scandals these past few years. The best solution? For the entire industry, from production to processing to distribution, the key is to focus on the quality of the products, and to demonstrate transparency on ingredients, where they come from and how they’re processed.“