SIAL explores

SIAL explores…. the recent applications of Food 2.0

by the SIAL Paris team

“Long before the existence of Facebook, food was the biggest social network on the planet as feeding connected us to nature on a daily basis”.This assertion was recently explained by one of the greatest chefs in the world, Alex Atala

Our relationships have been sadly virtual since the digital revolution. And if precisely because of the social transformation of the kitchen with ICT, had they never been so obvious?

The desire to connect with others would not have stopped in ubiquitous time and with the new practices of generation Y. The meal in itself seems to unify people and reinforce these encounters.

SIAL reviews three food applications that succeed in uniting the vision of 2.0 platforms with Alex Atala's paradigm.

VizEat: “Welcome to social dining”, bye bye to “solitary gourmet”


The first European social network for the table, the VizEat platform launched in February 2014 puts the meal back at the top of the ladder by inviting aficionados of the stove and travelers to weave a global network around culinary encounters at home.

Recently associated with Airbnb for its Airbnb Open event, this startup has already conquered 50 countries + 20,000 people registered on its site. Uses are reinventing themselves through this app: we therefore speak of “social dining” to describe this new disintermediating service which is riding on the wave of the “share revolution”.

Seen as the Uber of restauration, VizEat mostly invites traditional models to enrich their consumer experience.

Everyone can meet without Uberization of the sector, by participating in the emergence of the GSF (for “gourmet sans frontiers” or in English “gourmet without borders”).  This neologism speaks to the “no fixed office”, this new generation of professional nomads and coworkers who are leaving behind the traditional offices in business districts, not far from the aspirations of users of “social dining”.

This GSF will progressively progress by the side of the lonely gourmet in these big metropolises. An answer to the social isolation which reaches our cities in their urban growth.

Tender Food: or when the “swipe” is linked to gourmet eating

Tender mobile application

Launched by three students from Charleston College in South Carolina, this application suitable for homo ludens is overtaking the social network app Tinder.

The user is invited to play some swipe right, swipe left to indicate whether or not he likes the recipes in his community. The promise behind it: fo facilitate meetings between “foodistas,” cooking and Food porn lovers.

A “must have” among the recent photo sharing services in the culinary field.

LikeLunch: easy networking around the lunch plate

This “made in France” application proposes users to network during the lunch hour. Created in 2015 by Frederic Buron, LikeLunch positions itself as a 100% networking application. Thanks to its geolocation system, connected to Linkedin, extending your network is done in a friendly way and allows to discovery new restaurants.  The molecular world surpasses the virtual one.  And the art of cooking, shaped in a 2.0 way through  digital tools, is taking flight far beyond the simple keyboard.